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If you are preparing for PTE academic, then PTE Online Practice can be a good option for you, especially if you can motivate yourself to study at home or you cannot go to any preparation classes due to your personal circumstances.

However, the problem starts when it comes to authentic study and practice materials.

Almost all of us start with a quick search on google to find the best preparation materials to prepare for PTE online. The problem is Google was not designed to give you an answer based on your personal needs or your individual circumstances. On top of that, almost all marketers know how to rank top in google search results regardless of the quality of their product.

Therefore, despite plenty of free PTE Online Practice Materials on the internet, it is not easy to get good quality materials which you need for your PTE exam preparation. As an example, some of the PTE websites only have questions collected from different places but they either are not real exam questions or they do not have solutions to the problems. Some websites do not have any practice tests at all. Some others offer PTE Mock tests, but either you have to pay an exorbitant sum to do their tests or their analysis is not reliable.

All in all, it’s quite hard to find a one-stop solution which can allow you to prepare for PTE academic at one place. My main purpose in this article is to share with you a few resources which are quite popular among students and have been felt useful by students. I am not going to write anything negative about any of them but I would certainly encourage you to think of their appropriateness based on your individual circumstances.

Online PTE Preparation Websites


Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular destinations for students who are just getting started. You can find many high-quality channels on YouTube which cover almost all aspects of PTE. There are also some youtube channels that upload recent questions.

It is an excellent place for you to study and practice if you are not easily distracted or you do not need an exam like environment to practice.

ROMAN PTE also has a YouTube channel where we regularly upload tutorial videos, our experiments, tips and tricks and practice questions. You can subscribe to our channel to watch high-quality videos and also to ask questions in the comments.

ROMAN PTE Student Portal

We know that students need to study, practice and test while preparing for PTE. That’s why we have designed our platform to help you study with more than 150 recorded lessons, watch live classes, practice questions from the past exams, do mock-mini tests and mock tests, have a one-to-one consultation with tutors and learn general English language skills as well. Our platform is the only platform among all platforms mentioned here which allows you to study, practice and test at the same place so that you can worry less about what to prepare or where to go for certain activities and only concentrate on your score target.

You can join our online platform for completely free. Our free pte plan is quite generous and you can watch many videos, practice questions, check sample answers or even do mock tests in one place.

If you need any help or any additional information about our free pte planyou can call us at +61416081000 or chat with us right now.


E2lanugage was probably the first institute to offer PTE Online Practice solutions. They are also an official partner with Pearson. All the teachers are native English Speakers and the quality of the lessons offered is quite high and authentic. You will also find practice materials although they focus more on a few high-quality questions to practice than on providing students with hundreds of questions.

They also offer mini-tests but they do not have mock tests on their platform.

E2Language is more suitable for people who have good language skills and only to get familiar with the exam structure.

You can find more information about their subscription plans here.

PTE Tutorials

They are one of the most popular platforms when it comes to pte preparation online. They have a blog with many well-written articles. They also offer a limited number of tutorials and a good number of webinar replay videos. However, their main strength is their Mock Tests. They have a large number of mock tests and practice questions that you can use for free.

They also offer some paid courses and have a well-built mobile app too.

PTE Tutorials is more suitable for students who want to do a lot of mock tests at an affordable price.

You can find more information about their services here.


This website has become extremely popular among students who want to Practice PTE Online. They have a huge collection of questions which they claim repeat in the exam too. You can also check the answers to these questions.

They do offer a few tips and tricks for every question type, but they do not seem to focus more on this area.

They have a well designed mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Most of their services are for free, but you can also upgrade to their paid plans if you want to use the premium features.

You can find more information about them here.

Mock Tests

Official Scored Mock Test

Pearson offers candidates an opportunity to test themselves before appearing in the actual test. According to Pearson, these mock tests are evaluated using the same algorithm that Pearson uses in the real test.

It can be a good idea to try these tests once before appearing in the actual PTE test, especially if you are a first-time test taker.

Roman PTE Mock Test

Roman PTE also offers mock tests which are evaluated using an algorithm which is similar to the one used by Pearson. If you are a paid member, you will be able to do a certain number of mock tests according to your plan. When you do our mock tests, you also get feedback in addition to the score.

PTE Grammar

Having a basic understanding of English grammar can help candidates present their answers accurately as well as answer some of the questions in Reading and Listening more confidently. However, English grammar can quickly become overwhelming for beginners.

While preparing for PTE, it is quite important for you to spend your time on important topics only. Roman PTE student portal, contains a separate section for learning grammar. This section only contains the topic of grammar which are relevant to PTE. Moreover, the concepts of grammar have been presented to help candidates answer questions of PTE than simply learn basic grammar.

If you need more in-depth knowledge of grammar, below are some of the resources which may help you quench your thirst for knowledge.ESL LoungeGrammar Bank

PTE Vocabulary 

Having a good vocabulary is crucial to answering questions in the Reading section. In fact, candidates with a good understanding of English Vocabulary tend to fare better in the test.

Similar to grammar, there are too many words in English to learn them all. Therefore, candidates need to be focused on while learning new vocabularies for PTE. It is important that you begin your preparation with the Academic Word List. Once you master this list, you can familiarise yourself with Academic Collocations.

Other than these two lists, it’s wiser to concentrate on answering the questions and learning only those words which may help you answer the questions.

PTE Pronunciation

As non-native speakers, it is quite a challenge for many of us to understand all the nuances of pronunciation. You can easily be demotivated when you always score low in Pronunciation or when you feel that people struggle to understand your speech.

First, you do not need to be an expert in pronunciation to score 79 and above in PTE. Second, if you really want to spend some time learning the basics of English Pronunciation, you can try the Sound American channel on YouTube.

Offline Resources

Although this article is about PTE online practice, it will still be useful for you to know about a few offline resources. Below is the list of some of the books which can help you in your PTE preparation.

PTE Preparation Books

Since PTE is a computer-based test, most candidates prefer to practice in an exam like environment. Moreover, there are many high-quality tips and lessons available on the internet for free. As a result, the popularity of practice or preparation books have sharply decreased in recent years.

Nonetheless, these books can still be a good place to start if you do not feel comfortable studying on a computer or on the internet.

McMillan’s PTE Academic Testbuilder : Student’s Book + Audio Pack plus

Pearson Test of English Academic Practice Tests Plus and CD-ROM with Key Pack

For brush up on your basic English grammar skills

The Official Guide to the Pearson Test of English Academic New Edition Pack (2e)

Tools I use for improving English


In conclusion, there are many valuable resources out there. What matters is which one suits your needs and fulfils your desire to score 79+. With a sound preparation plan and reliable PTE Online Practice platform, you will be able to get your desire score in no time.

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