Has PTE scoring changed recently?

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Has PTE scoring changed recently?

The latest updates from Pearson to the PTE scoring system have caused quite a stir. The changes affect not only the scoring system but also what score is Has PTE scoring changed recently?needed for equivalency with IELTS scores. This article will explore how these changes may affect you and your future exam plans, as well as provide resources on where you can find out more about this important issue.

Proposed score changes in PTE

IELTS and PTE both have the same purpose, but recently Pearson conducted a study to compare the scores from IELTS and PTE to set a new level of comparison between two English skill tests. Based on this study, Pearson has changed the equivalence between PTE scores and IELTS bands.

However, these changes haven’t received approval from authorities or educational institutions yet. This means these changes will not affect your PTE exam – not your score, not scholarship requirements for universities or visa requirements for Australia, New Zealand or Britain.

How will this concordance table between PTE and IELTS affect PTE aspirants?

This change will make minimal changes to the mid-range scores set by universities for academic admissions purposes. Your PTE Exam score will remain the same but the score range against the IELTS band will change.

Let’s have a look at the table:

pte score changes
Has PTE scoring changed recently? 2

Here you can see the effect clearly. Earlier if you needed to achieve a high score in PTE equivalent to 8 in IELTS; you only had to score 79 or 79+. But as per the new proposed concordance table, you need to get a score of 84+ in the PTE Exam.

Whereas, for the low-range scores, now you will have to get a lower score than before. For example, earlier to get 6.5 bands you were supposed to get a score of 58 in the PTE Exam, but now you will get 6.5 bands on scoring 56. Likewise, You will get 46 for six bands in IELTS unlike earlier where you had to score 50 or 50+ in PTE.

What does Pearson have to say about it?

Pearson recently announced that there are no changes to the PTE exam or its scoring, but they have made changes to how IELTS relates to the PTE exam. They are now informing the government and institutions about their research in order for them to consider it.

Our experts have confirmed the same. They are waiting to see if there will be changes in visa application requirements and recommend checking with the relevant department on any changes that may occur for individuals wishing to travel abroad.

However, if your goal is to get a job or study in Australia then check the Federal Register of Legislation for PTE score requirements. For now, the requirement is 65+ in the PTE exam for all four sections of reading, writing, listening and speaking if you want to get 10 points for poin based migration.


The PTE exam and its format remain the same with no changes to the validity of the PTE score, required by universities or for visas. However, there is a change in how mid-range scores are compared between bands on IELTS and the corresponding range on the PTE (with higher scores being more competitive). However, this has not been implemented yet.

If you’re planning to go to university or get a visa, make sure that you know about these updates. If there is anything that we can help with, please ask us in the comments below! We have helped hundreds of people and are able to figure out what’s best for them based on our experience as education counsellors and immigration experts.

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