PTE Vocabulary: How to Improve Your Vocabulary for the PTE Test

How to Improve Your Vocabulary for the PTE Academic Test

Vocabulary is an important skill for students. It helps them to understand and express the most complicated things in a language, without using too many words. This is the reason why vocabulary skills are tested in English exams such as PTE Academic.

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Having a good range of vocabulary in PTE is important. For PTE reading and listening, there will be passages and audios respectively, where you might come across unfamiliar words. Although it is tested in every question, the ability of candidates to understand and use common English words is directly assessed in questions like fill in the blanks and fill in the blanks reading and writing. For PTE Speaking and Writing, you are checked for how well you can display your use of different words, including their correction in a sentence. You are also expected to know formal vocabulary for essay writing and summary writing.

PTE expects you to demonstrate rich vocabulary and have more formal choices of words. This means that you’ll be able to answer questions about what the word means and how it is used. It is also important to have more than one meaning of a word in your vocabulary for the exam.

What words do you need to learn for the PTE Academic exam?

One of the important aspects of this exam is using the appropriate exam preparation materials. I’ve created a complete list of words that I believe are essential for the perfect PTE exam. These words will be in all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). You can download these lists from our website.

Academic Word list

An academic word list is a list of words, terms, and phrases that are typically used in academic settings. These words can be difficult to understand if you have not studied them before or if you are not familiar with the academic setting. I have modified this list to contain additional words which frequently appear in the test. If you want to score higher on your next test, you must go through this list. Make sure that you know all the words on this list, know how to spell these words and know how to pronounce them.

Academic Collocations List by Pearson

The Academic Collocation List by Pearson is a list of words that are often found together in academic texts. The list includes more than 2,000 words and phrases commonly used in academic writing, such as “at this point.” It can help writers improve their vocabulary and support their understanding of how academic language works.

You can download this list from here.

Tips for improving your vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most important skills in any language. It is the foundation of communication and understanding. If you want to improve your vocabulary then you should start with words that you use often. This article contains tips on how to improve your vocabulary.

Spend some time reading and listening every day

Reading and listening to books and audio files can have many benefits. It can make you familiar with the different varieties of English language used in different situations. It can also make people more knowledgeable about a particular topic. Reading and listening to books and audio can also help people develop their vocabulary. This can help them better express themselves when they speak.

Try to read and listen to a variety of resources so that you get exposure to various types of content. For example, newspapers and magazines contain lots of information. Their articles usually include interesting facts and figures. These articles may help you see how words are used in the real world and may even give you ideas for writing an essay. 

Look up words

Looking up words is another great way to learn new words. These days you can use any online dictionary such as Cambridge Dictionary or Oxford English Dictionary to look up the meaning of new words. If you are a beginner, then you can also use a bilingual dictionary to check the meaning of a word in your language.

However, this process can be time-consuming if you are reading a passage with many unfamiliar words. Also, you are likely to remember the meaning of these words as you will only be passively searching for the meaning of words than actively recalling or using them.

Use flashcards when studying

Flashcards are useful tools for learning new vocabulary. They can be used to memorize words or phrases. Using flashcards to learn new words for the PTE test is a great way to prepare for the exam. Flashcards are small pieces of paper with a word written on them. They are used to help remember things. You can use them to learn new vocabulary for your PTE test.

Many apps let you create your own flashcards or use the flashcards used by others. For example, Quizlet is one such website where users can create flashcards. These flashcards can then be used to study any subject. Quizlet is free to use, and it is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Users can create flashcards for any topic they want, and there are already flashcards created by users. This means that there are plenty of flashcards to choose from.

Write down new words and create your personalised vocabulary test

Write down new words and definitions as you come across them so that you can remember them later. Write down the definition first and then write down the word. For example, if you see the word “invented”, write down its definition first and then write the word itself. Then repeat the process until you have learned both the word and its definition.

Learn synonyms and homophones

Synonyms are words with similar meanings. For example, “speak” and “talk” are both nouns verbs that mean to talk. Homophones on the other hand are words that sound alike but have different meanings.

For example,

  • “blessed” and “blest”
  • “dear” and “deer

Learning about synonyms and homophones can help you remember new vocabulary. This is because it allows you to use context clues when trying to figure out what word you are looking at. You can also use this knowledge to help you with spelling.

Learn the pronunciation and usage

Learning the pronunciation and usage of words can help you remember new words. This is because when you use the word out loud, you are also feeding your brain with the sound of the word. Now you will be more likely to remember this word as your brain will also use the sound as well as the image of the word to recall it.

Another advantage of learning the proper pronunciation of any new words you learn is you will be able to use the word while speaking. As you already know, pronunciation is another important enabling skill that PTE Academic exam takers need to master.

Discuss with other people about different subjects

Discussing with others on different topics can be beneficial. You can discuss anything you want. This could be about any topic or subject. Make use of the new words in your conversations.

Talking about different topics can help you gain knowledge about different things. It can also help you become more knowledgeable about certain subjects and improve your vocabulary on that topic. 

Words are best remembered by using them! Your vocabulary will grow and you will incorporate the word into your mental vocabulary bank. In addition to improving your PTE speaking ability, this approach will further develop your everyday English skills as well. 

Use mnemonics to learn new words:

Mnemonic devices are memory aids that help people remember things. Mnemonics can be used in many different ways, including for remembering names, dates, phone numbers, passwords, and other information.

Mnemonics can also be used to learn new words. When you hear a word, you can instantly recall its meaning by thinking of something else that has the same sound. So, try to think of a word in your language which has a similar sound to the word in English and make a mental image to recall the meaning of the word.

For example, the word in Hindi, there is a word mistri which means someone who works in construction sites. Now, you can use this word to remember mystery which means a puzzle. Try to imagine a mistri who looks puzzled and you will be able to recall the meaning of the word easily later.

Listen to music

Listening to music is another great way to improve your vocabulary. Music is full of words and phrases that you can use when speaking. You can listen to songs that are sung by popular singers or songs that are played on the radio. The lyrics of these songs contain many useful words that you can use during conversation.

Music is a great way to practice pronunciation as well because it forces you to pay attention to the lyrics and you will be humming along with the singer. And since you’re paying attention to the lyrics, you’ll naturally pick up on the words and their pronunciations too.

Watch movies

Watching movies is another great way to increase your vocabulary. Movies are full of dialogue and dialogues that you can use when talking. Movies can also help you learn new things. You can watch movies to learn about history, geography, science, and other subjects. As you learn more about these topics, your vocabulary, as well as contextual understanding, also increase.

Use social media

Social media is another great way to expand your vocabulary. You can use social media to find out new words and phrases that you don’t know. You can join different groups where people discuss similar topics. You can ask questions about a word or phrase that you don’t know and get answers from others. You can also use it to find out what people think about certain topics. There are many subreddits and Quora topics that can help you further your vocabulary skill.

3 websites where you can learn new English words:

There are many English learning apps and websites out there. Among them, these three websites are particularly useful for English Leaning Students. 


Quizlet is a website where users can create flashcards. These flashcards can then be used to study any subject. Quizlet is free to use, and it is available on both desktop and mobile devices. This website is great because it allows users to create flashcards for any topic they want. It is also very easy to use, so anyone can create flashcards without having to know much about computers or programming. is a website where you can find words with definitions, synonyms, and usage examples. You can use this site to improve your vocabulary and increase your reading comprehension. This website lets you practice your spelling skill too. You can also create your own list.


Magoosh offers many apps which you can use to learn new English words. They have apps to learn general English vocabulary as well as apps for specific exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT.


In conclusion, there are lots of ways in which you can improve your vocabulary. By using all of them, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your vocabulary score on your test. If you have a trick that you have been using to learn new vocabulary for PTE academic test, please share it in the comments. 


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