100 Most Repeated Read Aloud Questions

These are the questions Pearson has repeatedly asked in many of their exams. Download these questions and start practising now!

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PTE Books

The best books and templates to help you crush your next PTE test. Whether you’re new to PTE or have been preparing for a long time, these books will prepare you for the real test ahead of time.


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The Most Downloaded PTE Books

Success In PTE

PTE Handbook (Top PTE Tips)

The PTE Exam is difficult and it’s difficult to get past. So, it’s important to prepare well with a good strategy in order to succeed. With this handbook, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the exam and how to tackle it. This includes tips on all question types (reading, listening, writing, speaking), comprehensive advice on how to prepare for the test (do this first, do that next), and a range of other valuable information.

PTE vocabulary

PTE Vocabulary

Find the words you need to get a better score in the PTE academic test effortlessly with this PTE book! This is the fastest and most convenient way to increase your vocabulary size using only the most frequently used words in the exam. This book also contains explanations of each word, so that you can learn as you go!

PTE time management

Time Management in PTE

Do you need more time to finish the PTE? Do the exam questions keep getting harder and harder? Well, we’ve got your back. PTE Time Management is a guide for students who are looking for tips to manage their time and finish all the exam questions in time. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to manage your time better so that you’ll have more time to answer all the exam questions!

PTE pronunciation handbook

PTE Pronunciation Guide

Are you taking the pte exam and want to ace it? Need to improve your pronunciation for the exam? Practice speaking like a native speaker with our pronunciation guide. With this PTE pronunciation guide, you’ll be confident in how you sound on the day of your examination.

PTE Fill in the Blanks Reading & Writing

FIB RW Repeated Questions

Getting the latest PTE exam questions is a piece of cake with this latest book. A team of experts created the book to help you get a high score in your PTE exam. Get ready to face your fears and conquer the exam with this book as your guide.

4 week pte study plan

PTE Study Plan (4 Weeks)

You’ve been looking for a PTE study plan, but haven’t found the right one yet. Well, that’s about to change. Download PTE study plan and we’ll give you everything you need to succeed! Not only does it include all you need to know, it also gives you a step-by-step plan to follow so that you can be confident in your preparation. No more confusion — just success!

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