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We offer  face to face and online PTE academic  and NAATI CCL preparation classes based on PTE past questions and the latest tips and tricks of PTE accumulated via countless experiments we conducted at ROMAN PTE over the last 5 years.

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Learn all the essential skills in PTE academic which can help you score 50+, 65+ or 79+ in your next PTE test

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Tips & Tricks

We will provide you with all the tips and tricks in PTE for all types of PTE questions.

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Our countless experiments at ROMAN PTE means we can tell you exactly how and when you can get you desired PTE score

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We also offer brush up sessions with the repeated past questions so that you remember the secrets to do better in your test.

Study Smarter Not Harder

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happy students
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Great preparation materials and classes. Helped me a lot in achieving my desired score. Highly recommended.
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Kat Somszor (From Poland)
Scored 90/90 in all sections

What some of our students

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Khagesh Lamichane
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RomanPTE Melbourne is the best place for PTE preparation. Roman is an excellent teacher as he always motivates his students by listening to his students and asks for feedback to make sure that everyone satisfied with everything. His experience and his techniques will boost your confidence and improve your English.
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A big thank you to Roman for all his efforts and guidance! When I started my PTE journey, I was actually a bit clueless about the format and structure of the examination. I tried practicing a couple of online sample papers but got even more discouraged until I joined Roman PTE classes. The practice materials provided by him were very helpful and honestly a lot of the questions that came in the exam were the ones which I had already practiced in the class or on the student portal. A very heartfelt thank you to all the members of Roman PTE Melbourne! You guys are the best.
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Elena Alieva
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The best teaching experience I ever had. It seems like Roman care about all of us 🙂 He explains everything very clearly and teach exactly what we need. He is an inborn teacher! I would definitely recommend this place to prepare for PTE. I got the marks I need in six weeks time!
15732603_572954462899008_6222563682057665319_o-100x100 Home
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One of the best PTE institute in Footscray, with one of the best experience friendly staff.Now I am % sure that I can achieve my desire score 79+ very easily by using simple tricks.Believe me if anyone really want to achieve their desire score they can get it very easily without thinking to much only after start taking classes with Roman PTE Melbourne.You will feel a positive change and a good result.
30226027_10213859007141852_9051837055574875868_n-100x100 Home
Radfar Reja
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Well , I would like to mention that The Roman PTE Course is one Of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life.In the beginning, I had no idea about PTE and what it’s about. Thinking about getting 65+ (ielts 7) seemed a bit Impossible, but at the first exam , I got 79+(ielts 8). Dr. Roman and Akash , are highly educated, caring and have mastery over tips and tricks which definitely amaze you in the real exam. Mock tests and comprehensive feedbacks by Roman will boost your skills. Last but not least, you will enjoy attending the class as it makes you confident, happy, and motivated .so confident about 79+,
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Angila Chapagain
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Roman pte is the one of the best place for the preparation. Roman sir and akash sir has got the most positive attitude which motivate me to attend the every class and achieve my score. If you are struggling to achieve your desired score i will prefer roman pte. Dr roman sir provides the feedback for every work and the materials that are available in the websites are most effective to achieve the scores. Dr roman sir is more like a friend. Thank u sir.
15676208_1374880675885009_6102985362451166805_o-100x100 Home
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The best teaching experience I've ever had. He explains everything very clearly and knows what to teach. I would definitely recommend this place to prepare for PTE.
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Sri Lanka
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"Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime." Dr. Roman inspires and encourages me to do well during six weeks period. I know there are not enough words to describe my gratitude and my thankfulness to you Dr. Roman. However, I want to thank you for your immense support and invaluable guidance in leading me towards the desired success. I can say “Roman PTE is the Best PTE coaching centre in Melbourne”.
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Fandf DE Paoli
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Excellent teacher, he has being teacher for longer than 10years. He knows PTE deeply and is able to teach clearly technics to improve our skills. He has a first free class as well and six weeks preparation to the test. Really, really Roman's course make your money worth it.
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Roman Pte Melbourne is one stop solution for your all concerns and problems, if you are struggling to get your desired scores. The classes run by Roman are so informative and explanatory that you learn too many tips and tricks to solve most difficult questions. I got my scores 90 each within 3 weeks of preparation with him and I am glad that I chosen his center for my PTE preparation. I highly recommend it to anyone who want to chase their dreams and getting desired PTE results are coming in their way to do so. One valuable advice: do attend classes and listen to each and every single word with opeb relaxed mind and apply that learning when you are practicing. Good luck everyone.
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Kavi Chumbit
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Roman Pte is the best place for your PTE preparation. Roman is an excellent teacher as he always motivate his students. He listens to his students and ask for feedbacks to make sure that we are satisfied with everything. His dedication together with his techniques will boost your confidence and improve your English.
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Stanley Ro
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Excellent to get the score you need. Excellent staff an excellent teacher
14368712_10210717132308924_297006229087659662_n-100x100 Home
Tiziana Oieni
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Roman is an amazing teacher, very professional and he give to every student the real opportunity to get the scores needed...highly recommended !!!!
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Irena Petkosvka
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Roman pte is one of the best PTE institutions in melbourne who help students to get their desire scores.The teacher (Roman) is highly qualified in PTE and his tricks and tips are very awesome. I can easily say he is the best teacher. I would highly recommend this pte center for everyone who wants to get succeed on PTE test! Thank you for your help! Cheers
16143341_581917465326139_7471926675473609126_n-100x100 Home
Shukria Mohamed
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Best staff ever I saw. I like the way teacher explains the lesson is the best. Moreover, he provides several tips and tricks which I believe I can smash my pte exam.
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Muhammad Irfan
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Sir you have dynamic way of teaching specially today I really appreciate your struggle for us thanks once again
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Tinnnawat Apichartmanon
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The best PTE coaching in Melbourne. Dr. Roman explained every sections of the test very well, he also provided tips, frameworks and examples.The best part of study with Dr. Roman is very fast feedback compared to other coaching that I have done so far. Instead of writing on a paper and submit it to the lecturer then wait for 1 day to get a feedback. Dr. Roman uses shared Google Docs as a working space during the class. As a result, he can provide feedback in real-time while I was writing, which result in more effective learning as I could fix my mistakes early on and avoid repeating them again if further writing.
27544923_2027259917490450_6561564664990960207_n-100x100 Home
Huyền Trang Nguyễn
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I took a couple of sample classes from different institutes but felt unlike others Roman is pretty straight forward in his approch. Classes have a proper discipline and all discussions make petfect learning sense. His experience is of immense value for fetchng some interesting tips and tricks. Overall its just the right kind of guidance you need to crack the exam. Thanks Roman!
11178312_919371281418407_334839613396568963_n-100x100 Home
Bolina He
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Hi , all there , honestly speaking , Roman is the best teacher I have even seen , humorous , responsible ,knowledgeable and logical ! Whatever the results are , I rate Roman teacher as the best PTE teacher in Mel ! And , wish God bless you all pass !:)))
Screen-Shot-2018-11-23-at-9.07.09-am-100x100 Home
Elston Viegas
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I was struggling with my scores on PTE inspite of speaking English all my life . I had given a few attempts in the past but never succeeded despite of having a strong background in English. As I was unable to identify which area I was going wrong, I had got in touch with Roman PTE for guidance. I called Roman PTE all the way from UAE and provided my score cards . Roman PTE assessed and gave me the right feedback and guidance just before giving the test and I am glad to now say that I had achieved very good score.. Thanks to Roman PTE for their guidance and receptive support. I would recommend anyone going for PTE test to approach Roman for any guidance on how to prepare and answer the test as they are well aware about how the PTE software evaluates and award score to the candidate. Cheers!
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Mohd Daud
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Roman PTE uses smart techniques for the aspirants of making a breakthrough in their PTE score. Not only Dr. Roman helps students to boost the confidence through enormous motivation, he also finds individuals' incompetencies with his experience and insight that gives you take right direction through his feedback.
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Kat Somszor
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Great preparation materials and classes. Helped me a lot in achieving my desired score. Highly recommended.


Website for Practice

Our website contains more than 2000 questions designed and organised in the PTE exam format in addition to the study materials and tutorial videos.

Test Room

We offer students an opportunity to do the PTE mock test in front of a tutor so that we can observe their strategies and help them get over their problems,

One-to-One Sessions

All students preparing for PTE can sit down with tutors and discuss their problems. If they desire, they can also book a pre-test revision to get some last minute tips.

Past Questions

All our practice materials are based on the repeated past question of PTE and we also provide students with sample answer so that they can learn how to do it in the actual test.

Practice Room

Our PTE practice rooms are open from 9:30 AM - 8:00 PM. During this period, students can take as many classes as they wish or stay in the centre and practise under the direct supervision.

Smart Classes

Our centre is equiped with the state-of-the art facilities for preparing PTE and our classrooms use interactive multimedia technologies to enhance smart learning.

Mock Tests with Automated Scoring

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Score Card

After each mock test, you will get a score card similar to the one you get in the real PTE academic tests.

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Tutor Feedback

After each mock test, you will also get feedback from the tutors for each question type.

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Test Strategies

Based on your performance over time, your tutors will also provide you with the personalised tips & tricks.

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PTE Face-to-face class

Currently, we are running face-to-face classes in Melbourne and Hobart and preparing for the branches in Sydney and Perth. You can take one of these classes for free if you book it now.

PTE Online class

We offer online training to people who cannot attend the live classes. Students are provided with login details to our student portal after their enrolment. To learn more about these classes, click below.

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How to Score 90 in PTE

PTE is different than any other exams. Some of the questions in PTE that you may find quite difficult like multiple-choice questions or highlight correct summary are not important questions in PTE exam. Instead, there are other questions which you may have found quite easy which are very important. This video contains some of the

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5 Tips for Everyone

These are pte tips & tricks for everyone who is planning to or already preparing for PTE academic test. If you have any questions regarding these tips, please write them in the comments and I will try my best to answer them. By the way, do you know that roman pte website not only contains

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150 PTE Practice Questions for ROMAN PTE Lite Members

Enrol in our Lite plan to access these Questions 2018 has been a great year for us at Roman PTE, we’re able to cross 5000 students in total since starting our services. We have helped more than 1500 students this year alone. Hundreds of these students who scored 79 plus and an equally good number

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