Automated Scoring

Your writing is evaluated using the automated technology similar to the one used by Pearson

Speaking Assessment

You can assess your speaking by using our special software which will help you discover your weak areas.

Past Question Papers

All our practice materials are based on the past exam papers which we update frquently.

Personalised Support

Students can have one-to-one sessions with tutors

Separate Practice Rooms

Syudents can stay in the centre and practise under the expert supervision.

Email Support

Students can get the latest materials via email even before they are uploaded to the website.

  • 5 star review  A big thank you to Roman for all his efforts and guidance! When I started my PTE journey, I was actually a bit clueless about the format and structure of the examination. I tried practicing a couple of online sample papers but got even more discouraged until I joined Roman PTE classes. The practice materials provided by him were very helpful and honestly a lot of the questions that came in the exam were the ones which I had already practiced in the class or on the student portal. A very heartfelt thank you to all the members of Roman PTE Melbourne! You guys are the best.

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  • 5 star review  Really appreciate the amount of knowledge posessed by the lecturer and also about he fact that he is so happy sharing it. It not just helps prepare for the exam, but also improves our overall knowledge. Learning becomes a lot more easier, the way things are explained in a coherent manner.

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