PTE Face to Face

We have been offering PTE face to face course in Melbourne for the last 5 years. We are also one of the most highly rated institute for PTE Classes. You can get ONE FREE CLASS from us by booking in advance.


We have been offering PTE Online classes to people all over the world. Our online package consists of lesson, practice questions and scored mock tests. 


We have been offering NAATI CCL test preparation for Nepali, Hindi, Punjabi, and Persian Languages. Students can takes classes 3 times a week including the weekends.


Our PTE Training Philosophy


Watch more than 70 recorded video lessons which cover all the types of questions you get in your PTE academic test


Test your readiness for the next PTE test through our automated mock tests and mock mini tests powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology.


Practice all the past questions which are repeating in the recent tests in the same format as they are asked in your test.


Get personalised feedback after completing your tests and getting score. If you are wondering why you scored less in any specific sections such as PTE speaking, you can discuss it with the tutor.


Learn all the essential skills in PTE academic which can help you score 50+, 65+ or 79+ in your next PTE test

Tips & Tricks

We will provide you with all the tips and tricks in PTE for all types of PTE questions.


Our countless experiments at ROMAN PTE means we can tell you exactly how and when you can get you desired PTE score


We also offer brush up sessions with the repeated past questions so that you remember the secrets to do better in your test.

Mock Tests with Automated Scoring

Score Card

After each mock test, you will get a score card similar to the one you get in the real PTE academic tests.

Tutor Feedback

After each mock test, you will also get feedback from the tutors for each question type.

Test Strategies

Based on your performance over time, your tutors will also provide you with the personalised tips & tricks.

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