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We teach you, train you, test you before we send you to the actual test so that you can go to your test with the utmost confidence to get any score you desire.

*No Credit Card Required

If you want to join our face-to-face class, contact us at +61416081000


Practise as many questions as you want and as many times as you want. You will get score instantly along with the feedback for inprovement.

Our AI scoring lookes into all aspects of your performance and gives you score instantly.

Study Smarter Not Harder

Comprehensive Preparation

Live Classes

You can not only learn from the experts PTE tutors but solve questions in front of them and discuss your problems.

Class Recording

If you miss any class, you can watch the recording of the classes at any time and as many times as you like.

Strategy Lesson

Watch more than 200 mini lessons about all the 20 types of questions, solved examples and grammar & vocabulary videos.

Practice Questions

We have more than 7000+ practice questions based on past PTE tests along with the answers verified by PTE experts which you can practice in an exam-like format.

Mock Mini Tests

These are the tests of the individual sections of PTE. After completing the test, you can submit for scoring by experts and also get personalised feedback.

Mock Tests

You can do complete tests of PTE in the actual format. Our PTE experts then analyse your test and offer you suggestions to improve your score.

Benefits of Our Courses

When you enrol in any of our PTE online courses, you can take as many live classes as you wish, watch videos as often as you wish and do unlimited practice during the period of your membership.

We believe your decision to join our PTE Online course should be based on the time you have for your preparation and the level of support you need.  Therefore, the main difference between all of our courses is the duration of the course and the level of support.

What do you get in our PTE online class?


Live Classes & recordings

Strategy Lessons


Grammar Lessons

Vocabulary Lessons


Unlimited Practice

7000+ Questions

Solved Example Videos

Sample Answers

Feedback Sessions


Section-based tests

Mock tests

Overall score

Section-wise Score

Tutor’s Feedback

Refunds or transfer are not allowed under any circumstances. However, you can speak with us if you find any issue with your transaction. In case of such issues, send an email to admin@romanptemelbourne.com.au with the details of your problem.

Refund Policy

These classes are suitable for anyone and everyone. Find the course that is suitable for you or if you are not sure, speak with one of us and we will help you to choose the best course for you.

The main differences between these plans are the duration and the level of support. Higher plans contain more tests and more feedback which, we believe, are crucial for personalised suggestions.

To get 79+, you need more support and more advice from your tutors. Based on our experience of the last 5 years of teaching PTE online, we recommend that you join our unlimited plan if you are looking for 79+

Refunds or transfer are not allowed under any circumstances. However, you can speak with us if you find any issue with your transaction. In case of such issues, send an email to admin@romanptemelbourne.com.au with the details of your problem.​
  • Recommended web browsers: Chrome or Firefox
  • Zoom (Mobile or Desktop)
  • A good quality headphone
  • A stable internet connection

You can chat with us or send us an email at admin@romanptemelbourne.com.au 


Yes, almost all of them are from the previous PTE tests. Our tutors regularly appear in the test to collect questions from the test. We then refine these questions, verify their answers & use them here.

You can watch the recording of these classes as well. In addition to this, we also offer high-yield mini lessons too. Our mini video lessons contain everything discussed in live classes. You can watch these lessons as many times as you wish.

All the strategy lessons are instantly available once you log in. You can start watching them as soon as as many times as you wish.

Once you complete your mock tests or mock mini tests, you can submit them for the score and feedback. Both the AI and our tutors listen to all the audios and check the writing part individually. Then our tutors will tell you why you got that score and where you need to focus on to get your desired score.

Once you receive your feedback, if you want to discuss your problems and concerns with your tutors, you can do so during the live Q&A sessions or you can email your queries to your tutors.

Yes, we email you the prediction file every month and you can also download all the prediction files from our website.

Yes, you can request for new strategy lessons by emailing us at admin@romanptemelbourne.com.au or by sending us a message via live chat


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