About Us

The Backbone

Every student is unique and so are their learning needs or potentials. The book based approach or classroom approach tend to ignore this simple fact and instead provides all students with the same set of teaching materials which force them. To tackle this problem, Dr Roman has created a curriculum which emphasises learning what you need to rather than what we want you to. The amalgamation of this philosophy with his years of experience of teaching students from a variety of backgrounds has created a unique learning model in which students are taken through each aspect of the exam with ample opportunities to explore the individual strength and weakness.

In our centre, students are first given a comprehensive template which is highly customisable and can be applied to all the modules let that be listening, reading, speaking or writing. Then each student is individually assessed in their ability to modify the template as per their convenience. In the end, without spending months of time and thousands of dollars, students learn what they exactly require to achieve their desired score.The formula has been so effective that already hundreds of students have received incredible scores in their exams. You can see the proof of this by exploring the past result section of our website or by visiting our centre.

The Visionary


A national scholarship winner, a clinical doctor with papers published in several reputed journals, Australian Master’s Degree in Public Health and Health Administration and the unique experience of teaching ESL students for more than 12 years, Dr Roman is a polymath whose skills range from music and IT to public speaking and career counselling. With a fabulous talent for breaking down and simplifying complex concepts, he has a knack for explaining things in the way everyone can understand. Despite having a lucrative career in clinical practice or health sector, he decided to teach English as he is passionate about it. His passions would be obvious to anyone, who attends his class for even once and has been evident on the results of his students. In addition to scoring a perfect score of 9 in all the communicative and enabling score of PTE four times, he also holds a score of 9 in all the modules of IELTS.