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Our Philosophy

Study Smarter Not Harder

We have been helping students get their desired score in the shortest possible time by using strategies and methodologies developed by Dr Roman after years of research. These techniques help students break the exam code in the smartest way. The method has been so effective that thousands of students have already benefitted from this. Our courses have been designed in such a way that anyone with any skill level can achieve their desired score. You can check our result on our Facebook page.


Founder, CEO
Dr Roman Pathak

Head of Academics
Sadeep Dhungana

Co-founder, COO
Akash Pathak

Co-founder, Head of Public Relations
Laxmi Parasad Sharma Adhikari

Co-founder, CPRO
Ruchita Pathak

Marketing Officer
Nirja Upadhyay

Co-founder, CMO
Upendra Man Shrestha