PTE Pronunciation and fluency tips for achieving a perfect score

How to improve PTE pronunciation and fluency score in the real exam

The PTE is a test that measures your ability to use English in real-world settings. The PTE score can help you decide if you are ready for an academic program, college-level study, or work as an international teacher. This article will provide some helpful tips on how to improve your pte pronunciation and fluency score so that you can achieve a perfect scores.

What Is Oral Fluency?

Oral fluency is the ability of a person to speak smoothly. It refers to the natural ease with which people produce speech sounds, syllables, and words. It is measured by the number of syllables produced for every second of speech.

What is pronunciation?

Pronunciation is the natural articulation and clarity of every word in a sentence that the candidate utters during an examination. It’s important to be able to pronounce words as it can result in higher scores on exams such as PTEs.

How are Oral Fluency and Pronunciation skills assessed?

In the Speaking section of the PTE Academic exam, candidates’ oral fluency and pronunciation skills are measured in several ways.

  • Read Aloud – In this question type, the candidate has to speak the given text or words in the correct order.
  • Repeat Sentence – The candidate has to repeat the recording.
  • Describe Image – The candidate is given an image, and they must talk about its key elements. 
  • Re-tell Lecture – The candidate must repeat a given lecture in much the same way as the recorded content.

Some tips to improve PTE Pronunciation and fluency

Fluency and Pronunciation are one of the most important components in achieving a perfect pronunciation test score. Unfortunately, they are often neglected during learning and teaching practices. Following this article’s guidelines will help you improve your pronunciation score.

PTE fluency and pronunciation tips

How can oral fluency be improved in PTE?

Learning how to speak a second language with native fluency can be challenging. However, with a little practice, oral fluency can be improved in a number of ways. These are some tips to improve your fluency in your PTE academic test:

  1. Speak smoothly without breaking up sentences or using fillers like ‘uhh’. If you use too many fillers, then it can you use your score in fluency.
  2. Speak in a natural and audible tone. Faking an accent can reduce your score.
  3. If you are a fast speaker, tone it down a bit. When you speak too fast, you sound less clear and because of that your score in pronunciation can go down.
  4. Find a balance for your natural pace.
  5. Be confident. People lack confidence sound less clear.
  6. Don’t rush, don’t be afraid to pause. In fact you should try to sound as natural as possible. Because when you speak and naturally, then you are likely to make more mistakes.
  7. If you can, note down the template. Having a template in front of you will help you to speak without any unnatural pauses. You’ll be able to speak more confidently and you’ll be rewarded with a high score in both fluency and pronunciation.

How can pronunciation be improved in PTE?

  1. Speak with a native speaker. it will not only help you to speak more clearly and practice your pronunciation but it will also help you to learn from native speakers.
  2. Record speaking and listen back to it. While doing so be critical about your skills and note down the words that you think you did not pronounce clearly or mispronounced. Take help of a dictionary to find out how the word should be pronounced. Then practice these words a couple of times until you feel confident about their pronunciation.
  3. Listen to what you’re saying and try to correct any mistakes. remember you should be doing this when you’re practising at home. Do not do this in the actual test as it will reduce your fluency score.
  4. Keep a list of words you commonly see in your test and learn to pronounce them. this way you’ll be able to focus on those words which you are likely to to see in the exam. Even if you’re not that good in pronouncing other words in English, your pronunciation of the words which are used in the exam would be very good. Because of this you’ll get a very nice the score in your PTE pronunciation 
  5. Do not use difficult to pronounce words in retell lecture and describe image. remember you can only be assessed for the words which you say in the test. Therefore if you do not use words which you cannot pronounce, no one will know that you are not good at pronouncing these words. This way you’ll be able to hide your weakness, and be able to get the score that you’re looking for.

Frequently asked questions about PTE pronunciation and fluency

Why am I scoring low in pte oral fluency?

It happens because you are not using the strategies which would help you to improve your score. You can use these strategies in order to make your speech flow freely and naturally when talking about the topic. These strategies are:

  1. Try to speak in chunks.
  2. Learn some templates and practise them several times
  3. Avoid using fillers as much as you can
  4. Avoid unnatural pauses

How do we know the computer is familiar with our accent?

Pearson has trained its AI with multiple accents. Unless, you have a really thick accent, the computer should be able to understand whatever you are saying.

Why do you lose marks if you speak too fast?

You lose marks if you speak too fast because the computer is unable to understand what you are saying. When we speak fast, the clarity of our voice goes down. Therefore, the AI algorithm may struggle to understand what we say.

What is the solution to my problem if I am scoring low in fluency and pronunciation?

The solution to this problem is slow down. Speak slower and clearer. The computer will understand you better if you speak slower, clearly and with less fillers.

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Pronunciation and fluency are important aspects of language skills because they can affect scores in a number of ways, such as by increasing clarity and allowing for better language use. The optimum way to improve pte pronunciation and fluency score is by speaking with a native speaker, recording yourself and listening back to the recordings and correcting mistakes that you notice in your answer.

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