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Frequently Asked Questions

Until the current turmoil due to corona outbreak settles, we will be running 4 live classes every week. 

This is an online class where you will have access to the materials as and when you want. If you face any difficulties during the preparation, you can get in touch with the tutor for the consultation 

*not all the plans include the tutor consultation

Yes, you can. We do not restrict students from the enrolment based on their location. Therefore, we have thousands of students from all the states of Australia and overseas (mainly India, Pakistan, Dubai, Malaysia, Russia, Iran).

Our free plan is almost like a trial class. You can check the complete look and feel of our website along with all the features available. If you want to upgrade to any higher plan, you can simply upgrade from your dashboard.

Yes, you can. If you decide to do so, you can deduct the fee you paid for online class from the total fee of face-to-face class on a pro-rated basis. 

Incredible Success Rate

With more than 6000+ successful students, we are definitely one of the most successful institutes delivering PTE training.



modern, efficient, innovative, incredible

Mobile Optimised

The portal now has a modern dashboard that shows a snapshot of your progress, your performance, class routine, and your performance.


The moment you log in to your account, you can resume your study or practice from the exact spot you left. You can also see how much you have completed and how much if left. All these features mean efficiency and quick success.

PTE Tutorial videos

There is so much confusing information about PTE out there. When preparing for your pte test online, you do not have unlimited time or money to test all the rumours. Nor you want to be a part of other's experiment. Our online pte tutorial videos are based on more than 14 years of experience of Dr Roman Pathak who has tested the ideas in these pte videos by appearing in the test 7 times and attempting more than 70 official online pte mock tests.

5000+ exam questions

Our portal now has more than 5000 questions. A majority of these questions are from the actual exam and come with answers and explanations.

Exam Like Interface

We have designed our practice system to mimic the real exam interface. So when you are practicing, you will always have the feeling of being in the real exam which will prepare you for the tough times in the test.

Practice on Your Mobile

You can also practice these questions on your mobile which means you can prepare for your test wherever you want and whenever you want.

Feedback for each Question

You can request feedback from the tutors for every single question. This means none of your efforts will go in vain and every single practice will make you a little more confident and a little more prepared.

Mock Mini Test

We know that you do not always have time to sit in front of your computer for 3 hours. Not only that some of you do not need to practice some sections such as speaking or only want to practice some sections such as reading. But you still want to get results on one section only. Our mock mini-test is a test of one section only which you can complete less time but still in exam like condition.

Mock Tests

And of course, you need to know your score before you book your exam so that you do not waste your time and money. You can do our mock tests which have been designed to reflect the interface and experience of the actual exam. More importantly, you can get feedback from the tutors from your performance in addition to the scorecard.

Which question type is Causing the trouble?

Sometimes you consistently score less in one section but you do not know why. Our system microanalyses your performance and tells you which questions type is causing the trouble.

Where you stand Right Now

The PTE mock test dashboard shows what will be your score if you appear in the test right now. This prediction is so accurate that you will find out yourself when you should book the next test.

Check on Mobile

Take out your mobile and quickly check what you need to practise today. Our mobile optimised interface means we are with you wherever you go.

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