Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about PTE

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It tests your proficiency in the English language by assessing your ability to read, write and understand English at a high level. If you are looking to study abroad or work abroad, it might be required that you take this test first. Here, we will answer all of your questions about the PTE and how to prepare for it!

General Information

To score high scores on the PTE, you need to be aware that different question types are weighted differently. Anyone who is preparing to get 79+ or 90 in PTE must focus on the following questions:

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Fill in the Blanks Reading & Writing
  • Write from Dictation

There is no magical potion to earn a 79+ on the PTE, but there are definitely smarter and more efficient ways you can reach that level. Unfortunately, many of the materials and trainers, who guarantee a 79+ or higher in the PTE Academic Test do not know about the PTE test in its entirety. Therefore, the suggestions given by these people can actually harm you than do any good. If you have any questions about PTE, get in touch with us.

This depends on your skills and how much you know about the English Language. Many students find the reading section more difficult than the others as this has a lot to do with your fundamental skills. If you are not good at grammar or vocabulary, you may find it hard to answer reading questions or finish all the questions of this section in time.

Yes! All scores from Pearson can be used as proof when applying for universities overseas. In Australia, PTE score can also be used for immigration purposes.

Writers should edit their work after they finish each paragraph before continuing with the next one. This will help them catch any errors or mistakes that might have made without actually knowing about them.

PTE Test

Yes! they repeat quite often. However, it is important to note that the number of repetitions can vary from one test to another. Therefore, it is important to practice a lot of questions before taking the test.

Yes! It’s definitely worth doing as many mock tests as possible in order to have more chances for success and get higher scores on average. If you only practice questions, you will only learn how to answer a specific question, but if you do a mock test you will also learn how to manage your focus and time under the stress exam.

An Academic PTE score report is valid for two years to apply to university or college. The test result is valid for three years for immigration purposes.

Yes, you can take notes in PTE. You are provided with a booklet with 10 laminated sheets and two felt pens. You can start taking notes as soon as the test starts.

Taking a preparatory course is highly recommended for overseas students who are not familiar with the format of the test or looking for a higher score. Preparing courses can be life-changing! These courses offer tips on how to approach the test and also provide an opportunity to do scored mock tests which can help you in finding out about your level.

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