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When to Book Your PTE test


When should you book your PTE test?

I’m going to share with you an important secret that Pearson was hiding for a long time until I was able to crack it. So, one thing that I was doing for the last three years was to find out whether it is more beneficial to book your exam on a particular month or at a particular time of the year. Because we have always been hearing this kind of rumors for other exams such as IELTS, so I wanted to find out if something similar exists in the case of PTE as well. So, what I did was in 2017, I started maintaining a log of all our successful students to see if they would be successful in any months more than in other ones. And since from 2017 until 2020, we have trained more than 10,000 students, we have been able to see a remarkable trend.


Candidates have a higher likelihood of becoming successful if they book their PTE test during specific months of the year and have lower chances of getting their desired score during a specific time of the year . So, to start with, what I have found is Pearson tends to update all its materials at least three times every year. And this tends to happen in January, May, and September. So, what I found is, every four months, they add a new set of questions. Now those of you who are familiar with this exam, or who have been appearing in this exam for a couple of times, perhaps you already know that questions tend to repeat a lot in PTE tests, especially in speaking, writing, and reading, and there are specific questions in these sections in which questions tend to come from the past exams. And what I have found is in every four months they add a new set of questions. Since questions repeat, if you get the same question that you have already practiced, obviously you have higher chances of getting the desired score because you have higher chances of answering the question correctly.

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What happens in January?

And since the add new questions in January, there is more likelihood of getting a new set of questions. Which means unless you are competent enough, unless you learn all the important tips and tricks and you have a comprehensive understanding of English language, it’s extremely difficult for you to get the desired score if you book your PTE test in January. Now, remember, what I have just said here is if your English language skill is extremely good, if you actually can answer the question even if the questions do not repeat, you know how to speak in English, how to write in English, how to understand and analyse the ideas in English and how to listen to and understand the ideas in English. Then regardless of the month, you appear in the exam you will get your desired score.

What you should not do in January?

But if you tend to rely on repeated questions, you should not book your PTE test in January because they tend to introduce a lot of new set of questions in January. This trend continues until the middle of February and then they gradually stop doing this. From March onwards you will have access to almost all the questions they are going to ask from now onwards until April because they do not update the question sets until May. So from February onwards, chances of getting repeated question are very high but If you book your test in April, then you have the highest chances of getting the questions which have already been asked, which means you might be in a better position to answer those questions if you appear in the exam in April. So, if I must book my exam, I’ll book in April and towards the end of April.

Why March is a better option?

If I cannot do that, because I have some conditions because of which I must book my PTE test as early as possible, then I will go for March. But I will try to avoid January and until the middle of February. And the same applies to other months as well. Again, in May, Pearson introduces a new set of questions, and that continues until the mid of June. From the mid of June, they tend to repeat the questions rather than add new questions. That means a candidate who appears in August will have access to most of the questions which they have already added. But now you have a problem here Because now you will have to prepare the questions which have been asked from January to February as well as the new set of questions which are added from May to June, which means all of the questions repeat and you will have a higher chance of getting these questions in the exam and you have higher chances of getting your desired score because you already know the answer to those questions. You have now, more questions to practice.

Is August a better alternative?

So that means in August, you have better chances if you can go through all the questions asked in 2020 so far, but you will have more questions to practice. From September to December, the same thing repeats because in September, again, Pearson adds a new set of questions, which continues until the middle of October. And then after that, they stop adding the questions and start using the same set of questions. So, people who book their PTE test in November and December have higher chances of getting the repeated questions because they will have access to all the questions asked in 2020 so far. So, if you go through all the questions asked from January to October, then you have an extremely high chance of getting the same question. And because of that you will have exceedingly high chance of answering those questions correctly and getting your desired score.

If you want to get your desired score and for that, you are relying on the repetition of the questions, you should avoid January, May, and September. If possible, you should book your PTE test in April, August, or December although you can also book exams in March, July, and November.


So, keep these things in mind while booking your next PTE test. It will help you in getting your score by doing the repeated questions. Now to make sure that you answer these repeated questions in the right way, you must have access to the portal which is continuously updated with a new set of questions and that is where we can help you. We have more than 3000 past questions which we continuously update. We remove the questions which Pearson no longer uses in the exam and add the questions which they use in recent exams. This way, you will not have to practice thousands of questions and you will only be practising the latest questions, which have more chances of being repeated in your next PTE test. Not just that our portal comes with sample answers and tutorial videos as well. And you can also do the test, get the score, get the feedback, and get personalized suggestions before you book your PTE test. If you want to find more about our courses, please check this link here. If you have any questions, please write in the comments. And if you have any ideas for the next video, please do share. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and all the rest for your exams.

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