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5 Tips to Score 79 in PTE

These 5 tips to Score 79 in PTE will guarantee your success in the next test. So, let’s get started:

Tip 1

To score 79 in PTE, if you are preparing for PTE for the first time and let’s say you came from IELTS to do PTE because you heard that PTE is easier, the first thing you have to keep in mind is PTE is a completely different test. What that means is you should forget the tricks you learned in IELTS because PTE is an integrated test where each sections communicate with each other. That’s why how well you do your Speaking affects your performance in Listening or how you do your Writing, for example, affects your reading and so on. So you need to first understand the entire structure of the test.

Tip 2

The second tip to score 79 in PTE is that you have to remember that it is a computer-based test. So you need to make yourself familiar with the user interface of the PTE test software so that you become confident in using the software. By the way, you don’t need any special computer skills. You will only need some basic computer skills and practice typing a little bit. The easiest way to do this is to use our website, practice questions and do mock tests. Our PTE Online website uses the exam same interface as PTE test.

Tip 3

The third tip to score 79 in PTE is to make sure that you follow the right advice only (How to choose the best PTE Class). Thankfully, these days, it’s very easy to get information about anything on the internet, especially from YouTube, you can get a lot of information about PTE ( 👉🏻 Check our YouTube Channel). There are some really good YouTubers out there who can help you prepare for PTE. But be careful about what you watch because not all the information out there is reliable. Because of the same reason we make sure in our institute that all our teachers have done the test themselves and have scored at least 90. I myself have appeared in the test seven times each time scoring 90 in each section.

Tip 4

The fourth tip to score 79 in PTE is to collect and use the materials. Questions often repeat in PTE test and you are likely to get the same question that you practice provided you practice the right set of materials. In fact, we have a big collection of past question materials which you can practise on our website. The user interface of our website is also exactly similar to Pearson’s. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable in the exam.

Tip 5

The last important thing is Stress Management. I know that many people get really nervous when they are in the exam, especially in speaking because there is a lot of background noise. In speaking, you suddenly hear all people around you talking which might distract you. Moreover, most of us do this exam for immigration purpose. As we have a lot of expectations to fulfil, it often leads to performance anxiety. You need to really control yourself in the exam. Because if your brain is not working well, you cannot perform in the same way you would have performed with a calm mind.


Okay, so these are the five things I think everyone should keep in mind when they are preparing for PTE. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in the comments.

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