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How to score higher in Read Aloud in PTE Academic Test

Tips and tricks in Read Aloud can easily increase your score in both Speaking and Reading. Despite this, this is perhaps one of the most overlooked question. For most students, it’s a simple task which requires them to read something on the screen. That means you do not need to think what to say and as long as you are literate in English, they will get the score they wish. In this article, we will see why this question is not as simple or straightforward as it appears.

How is Read Aloud Scored in PTE-A?

Your read aloud performance depends on 3 things: Content, Fluency, Pronunciation.

Tips And Tricks For Read Aloud: How to Score Higher in Content

In PTE Read Aloud, your content score depends on “What you say”. Did you read all the words on the screen without missing any words or part of words, without adding any words or without confusing any words? Let me explain. When you read “books” as “book” that’s a deletion. When you read “books” as “the books” that’s an addition, and when you read books as hooks, that’s a replacement. All these errors add up and based on how many of them you made, the impact on your score can be more or less.

Only read what is on the screen. Record your answer and compare it with the text. Try to see if there are any specific types of words you tend to add or miss. Be mindful of them when you do these questions the next time.

How you say it?

However, in Read Aloud, much of your score actually comes from how you read the passage. It’s mostly about the clarity of your speech or in other words can others understand your speech. Now the clarity of your speech depends on your pacing, pausing and pronunciation.

Tips And Tricks For Read Aloud: How To Score Higher In Oral Fluency

Your pacing and pausing affect your score in oral fluency in Read Aloud. If you speak too fast, it becomes too difficult to understand. If you speak too slow, either you won’t be able to complete the task in time or you will sound disfluent. At the same time, if you speak without any pauses at all, it will not be possible to catch the main ideas in your speech or you will sound like Someone reading a text than speaking out an idea.

To score more in fluency, avoid hesitations and interruptions in your flow. It means you should start speaking smoothly and ignore minor mistakes.

Tips and Tricks for Read Aloud: How To Score Higher In Pronunciation

On top of that, you also need to sound easy to understand. In other words, your pronunciation should be as close to the native pronunciation as possible if you wish to score higher in Read Aloud. This does not mean that you need to copy the accent. It simply means that you should say the word clearly and be able to pronounce the word with any standard pronunciation of English. Pearson’s algorithm can understand a variety of small variations in the pronunciation of people who speak English as a second language (as noted in PTE Score Guide Version 12).

To score more in pronunciation, practice stressing at the right part of the word as well as at the right place in a sentence. Try to speak with appropriate phrasing as much as possible without faking an accent.

5 Tips To Score Higher In PTE-A Read Aloud
  1. Always break sentences into small chunks and speak by stressing on at least one word in each chunk.
  2. Practice the pronunciation of commonly used words in Read Aloud.
  3. Only start speaking after hearing the beep or after you see the progress bar on the screen.
  4. Do not correct yourself and ignore minor mistakes
  5. Try to read with a purpose. Pretend that you are explaining something to somebody. Making hand gestures might help you in sounding more natural.


Read Aloud is an important question as it contributes almost a third of the total score to both speaking and reading. Paying attention to this question and learning relevant Tips and Tricks for Read Aloud will help you to score higher in both Speaking and Reading.

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