The Story of Trust: How Almira Got her 79+ in PTE Academic

Do you know what I have realised after Almira’s success in the recent test?

She came for 4 weeks, didn’t miss a single class, tried two mock tests before the test, mastered all the templates and did everything as I suggested.

PTE success Story
How Almira scored 79+ in PTE academic

She didn’t ask for easier methods. 
She didn’t ask me whether she should be doing like someone else is doing in some other centre.
She completely trusted me, kept doing what I told her until she completely learned it and got the score.

Not just Almira, Shreevidya, Daud, Elson, Amarjot, Kat, Ananya, Gagan and countless other students whose name I cannot recall right now, they got their score because they only followed my ways.

They never felt it necessary to collect the materials from other places or try the tricks someone else suggested. If they had time, they did my materials multiple times until they felt confident they could use it without a problem.

And they succeeded.

If you are one of those few students who is wondering why all your friends are easily getting their desired score and you are not, then ask yourself honestly, “how much time did I waste looking for the easier method?

You will find out why you are struggling.

Enjoy the weekend.

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