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Reorder Paragraphs: How to Solve Research Based Paragraphs

In this video, I will show you how you can apply the new tricks to solve “Reorder Paragraphs in PTE”. Remember, this is one of the 12 different tricks we apply to solve all questions of reorder paragraphs. If you want to learn all of these tricks, please get in touch with us.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Practice Question

Can you solve this in 2 minutes?⏱️
A. He convinced Professor Fitzgerald of the University of Hill to set up a study into this matter.
B. Doctor Byron has long held that there is a link between diet and acne.
C. Professor Fitzgerald and his team studied more than 47000 women.
D. No link was found between acne and traditionally suspect food such as chocolate and chips.
E. The women were asked to fill in a questionnaire about the diet and about their suffering from acne.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips and Tricks to Solve the Question Above

Hello everyone!

This is one question we had posted on our Facebook page. And those of you who do not know about this, we have a Facebook page where we regularly post questions from the different sections of PTE that you can practice. And we often post explanations, explanation of videos about them on Facebook or on YouTube. So if you have not already liked and subscribed to our page, you can do that so that you can get regular updates about PTE and practice some questions as well. So let’s start the discussion of this question. So you can see this is a reorder paragraph question which comes in the reading section, you might get two to three of these questions and they can be quite confusing in the test. In order to solve these questions, you have to learn about two different things. The first is called the logical continuity and the second is called dramatically continuity. Now there are around 12 different tips and tricks that we apply to solve reorder paragraph questions and I cannot cover all of them in one short video like this. But if you’re interested, you can keep watching on YouTube for the upcoming updates about this videos. Or if you are in urgent need, then you can sign up to our online course where you can find all this information organized for you, along with some practice questions based on past exams, as well as around 16 mock tests. Alright, so this is top of discussion here. In order to do this questions. First thing is you need to find the first sentence.

But in my case, when I do is I start by eliminating the sentences which cannot be the first sentence for example, I can clearly see that this one here which says he cannot be the first sentence because I do not know yet he means who similarly I also know that this one cannot be the first sentence because it’s referring to a specific group of women. So it cannot be the first sentence this one says no link was found between which is the result and we know that results usually come in the end we have only two sentences left one is B another one you C. So if you look at B it says Dr. Byron has long held that there is a link between diet and acne and C says Professor Fitzgerald rather than his team studied more than 47,000 women now I told you at the beginning of this video that you have to know about the logical continuity and grammatical continuity, logical continue to depend on the type of text you are dealing with. Which means that in different types of text information is organized in different ways. This one is a research and in case of research, usually we organize the information in the order of hypothesis, which you can consider a belief of the researcher then what they do is they start to study once they have the hypothesis they set up, they start this study and that the study usually is done in this way.

So you first do the experiment or you have the methodology and after that you find the result so it’s not that difficult to understand, it’s quite easy to see how the research is done, you have something in mind then you want to study about that, for that you think about a particular way you want to study that you want to do the experiment and at the end of the experiment you get the result if that is the case we can clearly see that bees talking about the belief in CS talking about a study which tells us that B must come before see and based on all the discussion we have had so far, we can see that B is the first sentence because it tells us belief so Dr. Byron has long held that there is a link between it make me this one says he convinced Professor Fitzgerald out so this he must be Dr Byron so this is related to eat. So this makes it the second sentence remember so far we have not started this study we are still talking about the belief phase or we are still in the hypothesis phase now after this two stages what happened the study started How did it start it started with 47,000 women right and if you look at E it says the women it means which women this 47,000 women so this would be the fourth sentence you can also see that sentence E gives us more information about sentence C and D is the result which is the fifth centre so you can see that this whole paragraph is actually organized in this manner so first there is hypothesis then study which was done by using a particular method and at the end they got the result.

A few grammatical clues here which might help you in other questions here if you see two sentences containing same type of were like woman woman most likely they’ll be together and remember the women a specific group of women which means the sentence containing them and must come after sentence containing just women which means that in future if you see two sentences containing Pen Pen you know they will be together but the one which says the pen and must contain must come after the sentence we just contain pen. So there are 12 different tricks like this to keep in mind while doing these questions which will help you to answer those questions quickly. So this is a matter of accuracy and speed. So you need to have both so first in the class or through the lessons you love the concept which help you to understand these things and then you use the tricks to quickly solve it. I hope this was helpful for you. If you need more information about our classes, just get in touch and good luck for your test. Thank you.

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