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Do you want to reach your goal as soon as possible? Do you want to practice real PTE questions from the real test? Try all of these real exam questions right now!

As the leader in providing Authentic Prediction Files, we offer the most accurate and precise predicted question files. The prediction file covers high-frequency real questions from the latest PTE academic exams and features an overall 70-90 % repetition rate. Therefore, if you have enough preparation time, it is highly recommended to practice all the questions in the Exam Question Bank.

What are PTE academic test predictions?

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What does the PTE prediction file contain?

Our prediction file contains the most repeated real questions from those question types which you cannot answer using any tricks and which are also more rewarding.

We currently include the following types of questions:

Recent PTE Prediction Files

Prediction File (July)

Prediction File (June)

Prediction File (May)

Prediction File (April)

Prediction File (Feb)

Prediction File (Jan)

Prediction File (Nov)

Prediction File (Sep)

Prediction File (Aug)

Prediction File (Jul)


The questions in the PTE Academic Test are often randomized from the PTE query database, which has a limited number of questions. We prepare our prediction file using the real PTE questions. Therefore, there is always a good chance that you may encounter the questions that you practiced in the prediction file.

Our Questions Bank is made up of Real and Repetitive Questions. We gather these questions from a variety of sources and present them to you in an easy-to-practice format. You can practice these questions as many times as you wish.

However, if you want to practice these questions in a real exam-like format, you can sign up for our free course. On our online practice platform, you can join live classes, watch recorded lessons and strategy videos, do pte mock tests and discuss your performance with our expert PTE tutors.

Although these questions are likely to repeat in the test, we do not recommend that you memorize them. Instead, you should try to learn by practicing these questions. Try to make yourself familiar with the vocabulary used in these questions. Learn basic grammar to answer reading questions. Learn to spell the words used in Write from Dictation questions. Learn to pronounce the words used in the read aloud section. Make a list of common phrases used in repeat sentences and write from dictation questions.

We offer mock tests based on the real PTE algorithm. The questions in these mock tests are based on the real questions from the exam. By practicing these questions, you will increase your confidence, time management skills, and also your chance of getting a high score in the real PTE test.

If you want to check the model answers to real PTE questions, you can sign up for our free plan. You can practice more than 7000 exam questions and also check their model answers.

Of course, you can! We offer many online plans. You can learn more about our plans here:

Practice PTE Academic 7000+ questions completely free

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How Roman PTE can help you achieve your desired score in PTE academic ?


If you have any doubts about anything related to PTE, you can speak with one of our expert tutors. All our tutors have more than 10 years of experience in teaching PTE and can help you identify your issues.

Real Exam Questions

We regularly appear in the PTE tests to understand the structure of the exam, learn about the latest updates as well as collect the questions which are being asked in the real PTE tests.

Study Plan

We also make study plans for our students based on their personal circumstances, required score, and time available. If you need a study plan, you can ask one of your tutors for the same.

PTE Tutorials

All our study materials are designed by Dr. Roman who has appeared in the real PTE test 8 times each time scoring 90 in all the sections of PTE. Therefore, you can be assured that you are getting the best advice for your test preparation.

Additionally, you can also attend our live coaching classes where you can interact with expert PTE tutors.

Tips & Tricks

We offer the best PTE templates for students to use in modules like Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Summarize Written Text, Essay, and Summarize Spoken Text. These templates are based on the scoring criteria set by Pearson and personally verified by Dr. Roman in the real exam. More than 20000 students have already got their desired score using these templates.

Scored Mock Tests

On our platform, you can do full-length mock tests as well as section-wise tests. You will get a scorecard after completing these tests which you can discuss your score with the tutors during the live sessions.

It is strongly advised that you take as many mock tests as possible so that you become more confident in tackling the exam.

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