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Face to Face Class

If you are in or around Melbourne, you can join our face-to-face class. There are three classes every day, and you can come to any of these classes for a trial. 

Level 3, 213-215 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

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if you are not sure how long you need to go or want a more flexible option, this is the best class for you.

  • Free PTE online access
  • Unlimited consultations
  • 2000+ past questions
  • access to practice rooms


You have already booked your exam or you have a limited time only, you can go for our monthly class

  • Everything in the weekly plan
  • Pre-test revision
  • Mock Test feedback
  • Personalised guidance


Everything is unlimited here. So, it is the most affordable and the most flexible option for you.

  • Everything in the monthly plan
  • Unlimited access to PTE online
  • Unlimited Mock Test Feedback
  • Special scholarships on university enrolment or Professional Year programs

Special Benefits of our Face to Face Classes

Small Class Size

We make sure that our class remains manageable. That's why we only keep 10-15 students in one class.

Student Portal

Our state-of-the-art student portal contains recorded video lessons, study materials and more than 1500 past exam questions.

Scored Mock Tests

All students get mock tests which are automatically evaluated by our system based on deep neural network model.

Modern Classroom

Our classrooms are equipped with multi-media facilities and we use SPT method for teaching.

Practice Room

We have a separate practice room fully equipped with laptops and ultra-fast wifi connect exclusively for your practice.

One to One Sessions

At any time, you feel lost or overwhelmed, you can book one-to-one sessions with the tutors as many times as you like.

Pre-test Revision

Before your test, we arrange an special session for you in which we help you quickly revise the essential concepts and provide you with the list of questions likely to be asked in your next test.

Score Card Review

If you have already appeared in the test before, we analyse your score card and provide you detailed feedback on all the four sections and individual question types as well.


You can always send your work for feedback and get personalised suggestions on your work.

Features of Our Class


Watch more than 70 recorded video lessons which cover all the types of questions you get in your PTE academic test


Practice all the past questions which are repeating in the recent tests in the same format as they are asked in your test.

Scored Mock Tests

Where you stand Right Now

The PTE mock test dashboard shows what will be your score if you appear in the test right now. This prediction is so accurate that you will find out yourself when you should book the next test.

Which question type is Causing the trouble?

Sometimes you consistently score less in one section but you do not know why. Our system microanalyses your performance and tells you which questions type is causing the trouble.

Your progress in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

If you do more than one PTE mock tests, our system will analyse the trend for your and will help you understand whether your newly gained skills as well as tips & tricks are helping you to improve or causing more damage.

PTe test result

Your Progress in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary & written Discourse

The system will also show you overtime which basic skills are improving, which are falling down and which are not changing at all. This will help you understand whether your should practise spelling, learn grammar, study vocabulary or any other similar things.

Score Card

After each mock test, you will get a score card similar to the one you get in the real PTE academic tests.

Tutor's Feedback

After each mock test, you will also get feedback from the tutors for each question type.

Test Strategies

Based on your performance over time, your tutors will also provide you with the personalised tips & tricks.

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