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Fill in the Blanks (Reading & Writing)

In PTE, Fill in the Blanks Reading and Writing (drop down ) question is difficult but can be answered correctly if you know the correct strategies. In this ebook, I am discussing 5 tips for reading drop-down questions which can help you answer any questions in your next PTE test.

It also contains 200 most frequently asked questions with answers.


Words You Must Learn to Score 90 in Pronunciation

Speaking is considered one of the easiest sections in PTE and many students score 90 out of 90 in speaking.

But for those who students who struggle with speaking, it often becomes a nightmare. 

Therefore, If you are struggling with speaking, especially in the pronunciation part, you should start by learning the pronunciation of these frequently asked words.

500 words for PTE

“English language has 171,476 words”

Pearson’s collocation list has 2500 collocations. Academic word list has 570 words. If you are not focused, you will soon be drowned mugging up words which you will never see in your exam. 

This book contains all the important words asked in your exam so far. If you learn these words, you will never have to learn anything else again.

100+ Tutorials

Every week, I upload at least one video to our YouTube channel

PTE Study Plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

The biggest mistake some students make is they start their PTE preparation without a study plan. In this 4-week plan, I will guide you step by step towards your goal and will help you get your desired score.



If you spend more time on unimportant questions, you will miss the important questions.

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Success in PTE with Smart Work

This book is the culmination of wisdom of 14 years in 50 pages. In this book I have included everything I know about excelling in PTE.

If you are preparing for PTE, this is something you cannot afford to miss.


Old is gold always

PTE old questions repeat in the test. If you are preparing for your PTE test, you must check these recalls. It’s possible to get up to 90% repetition in your test.


August Recall

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July Recall

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