How to pronounce some brand names?

What if you have a lot of money and you ride expensive cars or wear branded clothes but you do not know how to pronounce them?

Do you know that 99.99% people do not know how to pronounce “Zara”?

Do you know that if you pronounce “Latte” correctly, almost no one will understand it?

Do you know how to pronounce “Volkswagen”?

Yesterday we had a very interesting discussion in the class.

We started talking about how to pronounce certain brand names and discovered that there were many of them which we were pronouncing wrong all along.

Our students, who come from all over the world, and some of whom have an excellent grasp of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish as their native language or the elective subject they did in their school or college, told us the actual pronunciation of many of these brands and we were quite amazed.

So I thought, I would just compile a list and share it with you.

NUTELLA: new-tell-uh


NIKE: ni-key

PORSCHE: por-sha

MOSCHINO: moss-key-no

HERMES: air-mez

GIVENCHY: zhee-von-she

BALMAIN: bal-mah

VOLKSWAGEN fo-ks var-gun

LAMBORGHINI: lam-bor-gee-nee

ADOBE: ah-doh-bee

LOUIS VUITTON:Loo-wee vwee-tahn

STELLA ARTOIS: stell-ah ar-twa

HUAWEI: wah-way

ADIDAS: ah-DEE-das

RENAULT: ren-oh


TAG HEUER: tag haw-yer

DEL MONTE: del-mon-tay




VERSACE: Vur-sah-chee

ZARA: tha-dah

What are the brand names you know that people mispronounce? Write in the comments below.

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