PTE Speaking: The Best Microphone Position


The wrong microphone changed the score from 90 to 57
This happened to one of our students who kept the microphone above his nose, and his score fell from 90 to 57. Although there was not any reason for him to change the microphone position, somehow he was convinced that his low score in reading was due to his poor performance in “Read Aloud”, which was due to his wrong microphone position.

This is perhaps one of the most controversial topics of PTE Academic. PTE speaking seems to be somewhat indifferent to people’s actual speaking ability as we often see people with limited speaking skill scoring amazingly in the test. When we do not seem to understand the rationale, we start coming up with all kinds of explanations including the ones which are outright wrong. The same thing has happened with microphone position as well.

Many people have tried different microphone positions in the test believing it would change their score. Although microphone position may affect the clarity of your speech, the position itself is not a significant factor when it comes to your score. In fact, trying unverified or poorly tested techniques cause even more damage.

So, where should you keep the microphone in your test?
To find the answer to this question, we ran an experiment in which we discovered that the best microphone position actually depends on the type of microphone you get in the test and the uniqueness of your articulation.

In this video, I have tried to explain these factors in more detail. Watch the video and write in the comments if you have any confusion about where should you keep the mic in your next test.

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