Changes Frank Noticed

PTE Real Test: The Changes Frank Noticed

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Hi everyone!

Frank here and one of the tutors here at Roman PTE. All tutors at Roman PTE regularly sit the PTE exam so we know how to get you the best score possible. And it’s one of the reasons why our success rate is so higher In this video I give you some of my experiences from each section of my most recent exam. During speaking, I experimented by skipping two short answer questions. I also try finishing a describe image question in the middle of the sentence. Yet, I still got 90 for speaking. What this means is you can make mistakes in PTE and still do well on the speaking section as long as you focus on how you say things rather than what you say. During the writing section, I realized how important editing is. Whilst I was editing my work I found some simple spelling and typing errors that we all make and can cost us easy marks. So you make sure to leave a few minutes for editing at the end of your writings sections. One thing I noticed during the reading section was how easy it is to spend too long answering the multiple choice questions. So remember, don’t be afraid to move on from these types of questions and use the mock tests given at Roman PTE to help try and improve your time organization. The last thing I noticed was during the listing section in the highlight the incorrect words section. The speaker was talking much faster than in the practice questions. So my advice to you would be to practice with the speakers sped up.

The Video Testimonial from Frank

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