PTE Reading: From the Latest Exam- Fill in the Blanks Reading & Writing

Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories, believed himself to be a rational man, a scientist even. But in 1920, when he saw photographs of fairies taken in a garden (1) …….. , he thought he was seeing scientific proof that these tiny creatures really existed. He published the photographs alongside an article he wrote, (2) ……. . fairies as supernatural wonders. It was not until 1939 that the two ladies who took the photos admitted these were (3) ……… They simply cut out pictures of fairies from a book and (4) …….. them among flowers. The results are (5) …….. beautiful. But the simplicity of the trick (6) …….. a basic principle of photography, that the camera cannot lie. But it can, and always could. Today, we are used to computer software (7) …. …. us to rework our digital images and it is a (8) …….. that photography ever had a true age of innocence. From the moment cameras began capturing reality, that reality was being altered.

  1. A. Venue                B. setting                 C. background           D. surrounding
  2. A. Calling               B. naming                C. attributing              D. acknowledging
  3. A. false                   B. faulty                   C. fake                        D. fictional
  4. A. arranged           B. spaced                C. settled                    D. distributed
  5. A. categorically     B. unavoidably        C. substantially          D. undeniably
  6. A. weakness          B. undermines        C. demolishes            D. dismantles
  7. A. letting                B. supporting          C. enabling                 D. empowering
  8. A. fantasy              B. legend                 C. dream                     D. myth


1B 2D 3C 4A 5D 6B 7C 8D

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