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Free PTE Course

∞ days
  • 500+ past questions
  • 150+ video lessons
  • 1 mock test
  • Free Live Classes (During Corona Outbreak)

Our Course features*

  • 5000+ Past Exam Questions
  • AI Powered Mock Tests
  • Mock Mini Tests
  • 150+ Video Lessons
  • Consultation with the tutors
  • Crowd Inteligence
  • Help in Picking up PTE exam date
  • Personalised PTE Study Plans

*For Paid courses

What Our Clients Say

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Our PTE Training Philosophy


Watch more than 70 recorded video lessons which cover all the types of questions you get in your PTE academic test


Test your readiness for the next PTE test through our automated mock tests and mock mini tests powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology.


Practice all the past questions which are repeating in the recent tests in the same format as they are asked in your test.


Get personalised feedback after completing your tests and getting score. If you are wondering why you scored less in any specific sections such as PTE speaking, you can discuss it with the tutor.

Mock Tests with Automated Scoring

Score Card

After each mock test, you will get a score card similar to the one you get in the real PTE academic tests.

Tutor Feedback

After each mock test, you will also get feedback from the tutors for each question type.

Test Strategies

Based on your performance over time, your tutors will also provide you with the personalised tips & tricks.

Scored Mock Tests

Where you stand Right Now

The PTE mock test dashboard shows what will be your score if you appear in the test right now. This prediction is so accurate that you will find out yourself when you should book the next test.

Which question type is Causing the trouble?

Sometimes you consistently score less in one section but you do not know why. Our system microanalyses your performance and tells you which questions type is causing the trouble.

Your progress in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

If you do more than one PTE mock tests, our system will analyse the trend for you and will help you understand whether your newly gained skills as well as tips & tricks are helping you to improve or causing more damage.

Your Progress in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary & written Discourse

The system will also show you overtime which basic skills are improving, which are falling down and which are not changing at all. This will help you understand whether you should practise spelling, learn grammar, study vocabulary.

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