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Academic Word List & Collocations for PTE

In your PTE exam, you are asked questions from different topics. So, you must be aware of the common PTE Academic Vocabulary so that you can understand questions and provide an appropriate response.

The words that your test provider uses have been compiled as “Academic Word List” and “Academic Collocations”. If you prepare the words in these lists and also try to note them while practising questions, it will greatly enhance your ability to understand the questions and provide an appropriate response.

Other than these words, you do not need to worry much about PTE Academic Vocabulary. This does not mean that you will never see a word that is not on the list but it simply means you will be able to understand most of the sentences and answer most of the questions. The reason for this we can guess the meaning of about 10% of the words if we know the meaning of around 90% of the words. According to multiple studies, these lists cover 90% of the words used in different English Tests including PTE Academic.

The best way to practise this list will be by learning them in the context rather than by memorising their meaning. Join our class on Quizlet to practise these vocabularies using digital flashcard.

The academic word list was originally developed by Dr. Averil Coxhead as a part of her MA thesis. Here, you can download these lists.

All rights belong to the respective authors.

Academic Word List

Academic Collocations

Practice PTE Academic Vocabulary

All right! Now let’s practice some of these words using Quizlet. Try to recall the meaning of the word and then click on the flashcard to check the meaning. Let’s see how many of these words you actually know.

And of course, if you want to practise more words, you can find them in our class on Quizlet.

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