Our PTE class Schedule this week (30/04/2018-05/05/2018)

What a great week it was! Last week was quite productive in terms of practising new questions and learning new strategies. So, what are our plans for this week?

This week, we will mainly focus on “Reading”. We will learn all those nifty tricks to excel in the test, especially if our vocabulary is weak. In other words, we will learn how we can get 79+ if we do not have a strong vocabulary.

In writing, we will look at the new “Summarise Written Text” questions which some of our students got in the test last week.

Listening will be about “Dictation”. We will learn the techniques that can help us write the complete sentence (It will be more useful for people with weak memory.)

Speaking will be about framing a great response with limited content. I will reveal the secrets which helped some of our students score 90 despite some limitations in their speaking skill.

All in all, it is going to be a really important week for you if you are struggling due to your weak vocabulary or weak memory. See you in the class.

P.S. Many of our online and face-to-face students have given great feedback on our last live streaming class. We will be doing another one this week, and all the interested students will get the private link to join the class. So, please PM me if you want to join this session. We will not take more than 100 participants this time.

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