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New ROMAN PTE Website

At ROMAN PTE, our philosophy is simple – study, practice, & test and do them in a smart way, not in a hard way. After all, we all want to get our score as quickly as possible.
So, with the help of the most advanced technology available and our innovative idea and experience, we have designed an unparalleled system that you can hardly find elsewhere.

In each of these photos, we have tried to explain what our system can do for you to help you get your score in the shortest possible time. However, if you need any help, write in the comments send us a message at any time.

Modern Dashboard

Modern Dashboard

The portal now has a modern dashboard that shows a snapshot of your progress, your performance, class routine, and your performance.

Optimized for Mobile

The dashboard beautifully loads on mobile phones as well which means you can check everything or resume your study even when you are travelling.

Optimised for mobile

Tutorial videos

You can now watch more than 150 tutorial videos. All the videos have been prepared by Dr. Roman based on his more than 14 years of teaching English

Tutorial videos

5000+ Practice Questions

Our portal now has more than 5000 questions. A majority of these questions are from the actual exam and come with answers and explanations.

5000+ practice questions

Exam Like Interface

We have designed our practice system to mimic the real exam interface. So when you are practicing, you will always have the feeling of being in the real exam which will prepare you for the tough times in the test.

Exam Like Interface

Mock Mini tests

We know that you do not always have time to sit in front of your computer for 3 hours. Not only that some of you do not need to practice some sections such as speaking or only want to practice some sections such as reading. But you still want to get results on one section only. Our mock mini-test is a test of one section only which you can complete less time but still in exam like condition.

Mock Mini Tests

PTE Mock Tests

And of course, you need to know your score before you book your exam so that you do not waste your time and money. You can do our mock tests which have been designed to reflect the interface and experience of the actual exam. More importantly, you can get feedback from the tutors from your performance in addition to the scorecard.

Mock Tests

Individual Feedback

You can request feedback from the tutors for every single question. This means none of your efforts will go in vain and every single practice will make you a little more confident and a little more prepared.

Individual Feedback

Performance Graph

The real-time graph shows how you are doing over time and help you understand where you stand in terms of your preparation.

Performance over time

Performance on Individual Question type

Our system will also show you your performance in each question type. So, you can decide whether you are doing well in the important types of questions or not.

Performance on each question

So, now there is nothing that can stop you from getting your score.

Enrol in our free course to test the system and upgrade only when you are ready.

All the best!!

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