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150 PTE Practice Questions for ROMAN PTE Lite Members

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2018 has been a great year for us at Roman PTE, we’re able to cross 5000 students in total since starting our services. We have helped more than 1500 students this year alone. Hundreds of these students who scored 79 plus and an equally good number of students scored 65 plus as well as 50 Plus. we are really glad that you helped us to come up to here and we now we want to give you back. That’s why starting from today itself until the first of January, we are announcing lesson discounts on all our courses which includes our face to face classes as well as our online classes.

If you want to find more about this go to our website or call us at the number given on the screen. We would be glad to help you. And if you don’t have any plans to start the class anytime soon, you can still get the benefit of this offer. Simply book the class right now and then you can start the class at any time you like in the future.

And one more thing if you want to get the latest exam questions for free, simply write in the comments and we’ll send you 150 questions from the latest exams which include the questions from reading, writing, speaking and listening. And we wish that 2019 becomes equally good for us. Well, Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and See you soon.

This is a list of past questions which may have already seen in your test. Do you know that our website not only contains the answer to all these questions but contains almost 1400 questions from all four sections of PTE? More importantly, it contains explanatory videos and additional materials which can prepare anyone for a score of 79+. You can access all of these resources right now.

Who knows your next test might be your last test?

All the best from our team

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