How to Increase Score in Spelling in PTE

Why spelling can be a problem in PTE?

“How can I increase my score in spelling in PTE?”. This is one of the most common questions I get from my students.

Well, research shows that we are not as careful while typing as we are when we are writing with our hands. Writing with hand involves more careful thinking about our strokes, and we are comparatively slower which gives us more time to deliberate overt what we are writing and how we are spelling the word. Typing, on the other hand, relies on the coordination between our brain and hand movement. We might be thinking the right word but might just be typing it wrong. Even during proofreading, our brain reads the words correctly provided the first and last letters are the same as in the correct spelling. In PTE, this means you might be less conscious about the spelling while typing and you may fail to detect the spelling error if the first and last letters are the same as in the correct spelling.

check this link for a fun exercise

How can you increase your spelling score in PTE?

Therefore, we need a more structured approach that simulates the exam and rewires our brain to improve the brain-hand coordination. At ROMAN PTE MELBOURNE, we believe that a modern test system like PTE requires an unconventional approach and we are proud to announce that we have developed a unique software-based curriculum which improves the spelling awareness and helps avoid the typing errors. The software we use detects the pattern of mistakes and suggests the personalised strategies to overcome them. Many of our students have been able to increase their score dramatically using this approach in a very short time.

Is there a way to solve some of the other problems I have?

Maybe, some of you are struggling with a problem of your own unable to figure out why you are not getting the score you deserve. A simple analysis of your answer might not be adequate to squash these problems, and you need a more sophisticated technique that acknowledges the computer-based evaluation of this test. Our classes combine our understanding of human learning proclivity with IT knowledge that go beyond simply teaching English. Not trying these lessons means regretting wasting your time on a hotchpotch of confused strategies of people who are missing the elephant in the room. If you do not want to be one of those students and interested in a more efficient and smart way of preparation, please contact us for a free trial class.

You can learn about spelling rules, practice questions and get your desired score in your next test by enrolling in our PTE course for completely free.

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