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How to Score 90 in PTE

PTE is different than any other exams. Some of the questions in PTE that you may find quite difficult like multiple-choice questions or highlight correct summary are not important questions in PTE exam. Instead, there are other questions which you may have found quite easy which are very important. This video contains some of the most important tips and tricks in PTE which will help you score 90 in your next PTE academic test.

PTE Tips and Tricks

After watching this video based on PTE Mock Tests, you will find out:

Why Read Aloud is a very important question?

Why Describe Image should not worry you at all?

Why you should never waste time on Multiple Choice Questions?

Why essay is not an important question in writing?

Why you should practise Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks more than any other questions?

Why Dictation is the most important question in Listening?

and many other useful tips and tricks.

The most important message that you can get from this is if you look at my PTE grammar score, the computer is showing that my grammar score is only 10. Which means if you are doing a speaking, you don’t really need to think about grammar much because the computer itself is not analysing your grammar, the score of 10 proves this. On the other hand, you can see that my PTE listening is score is 37. And my PTE reading score is 34. What does this mean? PTE Reading score of 34 shows that the contribution of speaking to reading can be really, really profoundecause b the only question I am doing is PTE speaking which has impact on reading is Read Aloud. Since I have only done speaking and I scored 34 in reading, it means that depending on the length of the text, my score can be up to 34 as well.

From the video

Listen to It (How to Score 90 in PTE?)

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