How to score 90 in PTE (Score 65+ or 79+ in PTE Academic)

score 90 in PTE

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Scoring 90 in PTE may seem challenging or even impossible but it can be achievable if you are a little more strategic. In these videos, I am discussing some of the experiments I conducted to decode the algorithm used by Pearson so that you can easily score 90 in your next PTE test. If you are preparing for PTE academic and struggling to score 65+ or 79+ in PTE, you must watch all these videos before appearing in your next test.

Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks to score 90 in PTE Listening

Tips And Tricks To Score 90 In PTE Writing

Tips And Tricks for Speaking

Tips And Tricks for Reading Part I

Tips And Tricks for Reading Part II

Along with these tips, you may need to find a good tutors who can help you get to your destination. Check the article below to find out how you can choose a place which can help you to score 90.

Also, make sure that you know how your performance is scored and you are up to date about it. The article below will help you with this.

In order to improve your basic skills, it’s also important that you work on your vocabulary. It is always confusing for some of us when it comes to selecting materials from a large pool. So, check the link below to find all PTE vocabularies in one place and practice them.

In the end, it’s your hardwork and perseverance which will help you more than anything. Listen to every one and all suggestions, but take your decision based on what suits you or your needs. Yes, anyone can score 90 in PTE but only when they learn the right tricks and have the right materials to prepare.

All the best for your exam!!

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