PTE Reading: From the Latest Exam- Fill in the Blanks Reading & Writing

Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories, believed himself to be a rational man, a scientist even. But in 1920, when he saw photographs of fairies taken in a garden (1) …….. , he thought he was seeing scientific proof that these tiny creatures really existed. He published the photographs alongside an article …

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PTE Academic: How the computer gives you score|Roman PTE

Unlike the traditional tests, PTE academic is an exam where your English proficiency is entirely evaluated by a computer program. In this video, I will help you understand how scoring is done in PTE and how you can achieve the maximum score by following some tips and tricks.

Another 90 for me

When others are busy creating rumours, we spend time in testing ourselves. When others become complacent boasting about their experience, we understand how experience can cloud the insight and go out to validate our beliefs. When the number breeds arrogance in others, it adds a sense of responsibility for us. When a student fails, it torments …

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Rabina gets 79+ in PTE

Another 79+! in PTE What a great achievement by Rabina! Based on her prowess of diction, I would not imagine anything below 90. But it’s PTE. Things are rarely logical here. But even in their illogical assessment, there is a pattern. A pattern that I have deciphered, deconstructed, decoded and what not! These are not …

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