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Academic Word List & Collocations for PTE

The academic word list was originally developed by Dr. Averil Coxhead as a part of her MA thesis. Here I have embedded the original academic word list, as well as the list of collocations prepared by Pearson. All rights belong to the respective authors. Academic Word List The list of Academic Collocations

How to Score 90 in PTE

PTE is different than any other exams. Some of the questions in PTE that you may find quite difficult like multiple-choice questions or highlight correct summary are not important questions in PTE exam. Instead, there are other questions which you may have found quite easy which are very important. This video contains some of the …

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5 Tips for Everyone

These are pte tips & tricks for everyone who is planning to or already preparing for PTE academic test. If you have any questions regarding these tips, please write them in the comments and I will try my best to answer them. By the way, do you know that roman pte website not only contains …

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PTE Speaking Tips and Tricks 2019

In 2018, how PTE speaking has changed and which tips and tricks you must learn to score 90 in your next test? In this video, I have explained all new tips and tricks for PTE speaking so that you could easily start preparing for your next test.

ROMAN PTE Online Success

Jayan jumps to 85 from 49

Our online student Jayan has been able to score 85 in his recent test. When he tried the last time his overall score was quite low and he was quite surprised. In this video, he expresses his gratitude and shares some of his insight into the test preparation.