Some excellent tips and tricks for “Read Aloud”

  1. Use punctuation to help you decide where to pause when you read.
  2. You have 3-4 seconds to look at the text before the microphone opens, so use this time to break the text up into meaningful chunks, using the punctuation as a guide. This will show you the places where you can make a small pause and alter your intonation – going up when you begin reading a chunk and falling a little when you end a chunk.
  3. Using appropriate pausing helps you to read more fluently and give the full meaning of the text. This will improve your score.
  4. Stress the words that carry important information. When you read the text, stress the words that help to convey meaning, by reading them in a slightly louder voice and adding emphasis to key syllables.
  5. Also, use rising and falling intonation patterns to show how the ideas are linked or are coming to an end.

Some practice lessons

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