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Introduction to Describe Image

Describe Image is the third question type in PTE Speaking.

In this section, you will be shown an image that you have to describe within 4 seconds.You can finish your speech earlier than 4 seconds but anything you say after 4 seconds will not be recorded. You should aim to cover the most important aspects of the image rather than cover just one feature in details. A systematic approach and appropriate expressions are paramount and so are the clear pronunciation and smooth speech.

Here are some of the points that may help you improve your score in this section.

What types of questions do you get in describe image?

You mostly get four types of questions in describe image which either will come alone or in combinations of two or more types of questions.

These are:

  1. Charts & Graphs
  2. Tables
  3. Pictures
  4. Maps

How should you answer describe image?

Speaking is more about how you say something than what you say. Therefore, be more organised and systematic.

  • Overview sentence
  • Description (Usually three points)
  • Summary/Future development/implications


How to provide overview

  • This diagram provides an overview of
  • The given graphs are about the comparative study of
  • The line graph in the question shows the changing trend
  • The data in the question show two sets of related information about


In this part, select a few keywords from the image and use them in a template. Now present this information in a calm and confident manner by especially focusing on your rhythm and intonation.


In this part, you only need to provide an overview of the image. If you are not sure what to say here, simply read the title of the image.

You can learn more about describe image in the video

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