You can summarise spoken text without understanding everything

  1. When you take notes using an erasable note board booklet, while you listen to the recording, make sure you note down the supporting points as well as the main idea.
  2. From your notes, you can then summarise the main point and refer briefly to the essential supporting points, which will gain you good marks for content.
  3. Remember to check grammar, spelling and punctuation In your 5-7 word summary; you will be scored on the enabling skills of grammar, spelling and vocabulary. So leave yourself 1-2 minutes after you have written your summary to check your sentences for things like subject/verb agreement, tenses and word order.
  4. Use grammatical structures that you can use confidently, and words that you are sure you have spelt correctly.
  5. Finally, check  your punctuation: check full stops and commas, and make sure you have begun each sentence with a capital letter

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