The Benefits of Free Trial Class

Get Familiar

It’s really important for you to know the teaching methodologies, the environment, and the people who will be around you for a considerable amount of time. In the free trial class, you will attend a regular class where you will get to test all of these things before you make any long-term commitment. 

Learn Something

During your trial class, you sit with our regular students and attend a regular sessions. This means you will have the same opportunity to enjoy the high quality lecture and get high-yield handouts which helps our students get their desired score every day. If you just want to brush up some of your skills, you are still welcome to try out any of our sessions.

Free Materials

If you are not sure whether you want to continue or not but still want to get some free materials from you can request that after your free trial class. Anyone attending these trial class can get access to free video tutorials, sets of past exam papers and a bundle of tips and tricks. Therefore, there is nothing for you to lose but so much to gain.

Do I need to pay for this class?

This is a completely free class. You do not need to pay anything.

Do I have to call to confirm the booking?

No. You will receive an email and a sms with the confirmation of your booking and further instructions.

Do I need to pay after the class?

No. You can pay the next day if you are ready to enrol. If you want to start straight away, then you can also pay on the same day.

Do you have any parking available?

You can park on the street or you can also come by train. We are only a few minutes away from the Footscray station.

Is this a separate class only for new booking?

You will attend a regular class.  What you experience on this day is more or less similar to what you will get every day in our centre.

How long will be this class?

This is a two hours long class.

How can I know what you will be doing on this day?

Just send us a quick message using the live chat and we will let you know.

I am facing problems while booking. Can you please help me?

Sure. Just use the chat button on the right bottom corner and I will help you.