Anyone can fill in the blanks with these tricks

  1. Skim the text before the recording begins In the 7 seconds before the recording begins, you only have time to skim the text. As you do this, ignore the gaps and try to get an overall idea of what the text is about. This will help you recognise the words that fit the gaps, as you hear them.
  2. The recording is at normal speed and is only played once. When you are listening, you do not have time to think about how to spell the missing words. Use your erasable note board booklet to write down what you think you hear:    After the recording has finished, you can read through the text, and use your notes to decide on the words that are missing and how they are spelt.
  3. Then type them into the gaps.
  4. Remember, the next item does not start until you click Next (N) at the bottom of the screen, so you have a little time to think about your answers.

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